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Every page rhythmically composed

Your book is laid out with the grid system, well known in the Design world. This way, your photos come out best and your book radiates peace, despite differences in layout. Your photos are arranged chronologically at your choice, but attention is also paid to the aesthetics in conjunction with each other when placed!

Your photos really come to life

Sometimes you feel that your photo needs that little bit extra. I optimize your photos in a way, their strong points are emphasized without completely changing your image. Where necessary, disturbing elements are adjusted and your image will be naturally corrected.

before retouch
after retouch

Finished with high-quality, luxurious and durable material

Genuine bull leather covers or would you prefer a photo on the cover? From various types of linen to combinations of materials with text in relief, with or without color. The high-end line albums are standard lay-flat with a variety of papers to choose from. The photo books can be ordered lay-flat or standard and you can choose from various types of paper!


You can choose from the following cover options:
full leather or linen,
linen back with photo on front,
linen back with leather front,
leather back with linen front,
leather back with photo on front
and of course a full photo cover.
For the paper you have the following options:
fine art matte photo paper,
Lustre Photo Paper
and glossy photo paper.


The photo albums have a photo cover as standard cover and you choose one of the following types of paper:
quality semi-gloss or matte paper,
Proline uncoated (matte paper),
Proline Pearl (semi-gloss).
The lay-flat books have their own semi-gloss paper type.

The most beautiful shapes and sizes

A perfect format for every memory. We use square and rectangular books, both portrait and landscape. From a small size for in your bag, easy to carry, to large coffee table books; the real eye catchers!

Luxe fotoalbum jade green nappa leather cover embossing
Standaard staand fotoboek foto omslag
Kklein vierkant fotoboek paper back foto omslag
Groot liggend fotoboek foto omslag



15 x 10 cm

20 x 15 cm

30 x 23 cm

34 x 25 cm

40 x 30 cm


10 x 15 cm

15 x 20 cm

23 x 30 cm

25 x 34 cm

30 x 40 cm


15 x 15 cm

20 x 20 cm

25 x 25 cm

30 x 30 cm

35 x 35 cm



18 x 18 cm

30 x 30 cm


25 x 20 cm

33 x 28 cm


20 x 25 cm

Jade green bull leather cover luxury photo album embossed title
Jade green bull leather cover luxury photo album lay flat fine art photo paper
Jade green bull leather cover luxury photo album lay flat fine art photo
all pages lay flat fine art photo paper luxury photo album
Jade green bull leather cover luxury photo album

Frequently Asked Questions


What does it cost to have a photo album / book made?

Many combinations are possible and the price depends on your wishes. Do you want a leather cover or photo cover? Do you want 20 or 200 pages? Do you want standard paper or a luxury fine art lay flat edition? You can always request a quote without any obligation, so please call or email me with your wishes!


I only take photos with my mobile. Can I also have a photo album / book made of it?

The quality of the cameras in mobile phones is constantly increasing. It is therefore possible, but there are also limits. Do not expect that you can match the quality of real (DLSR or system) photo cameras. If you want to place a photo in a 30 x 40 cm album / book filling the entire page, then it is possible that you will submit in quality. Photos that you send via social media or message services such as Whatsapp are unfortunately NOT usable for printing. This is because they are considerably reduced in format to enable digital sending.


How long does it take to have my photo album / book?

From the moment I have all your photos I can get started. The design process usually takes a maximum of 3 weeks. The production process then follows and this depends on the type of photo album / book you have. This is also a maximum of 3 weeks. I advise you to take into account 6 weeks before you have the photo album / book with you on the coffee table.


What happens to my photos once the photo album / book is ready?

Your photos are stored for a maximum of 30 days. If you opted for post-processing, you can download your post-processed photos yourself or expect them by e-mail during these 30 days. After this your photos will be permanently deleted. Always keep your original files yourself and always send me a copy of your original files.


Can I still reorder my photo album / book?

You can reorder your photo album / book at any time during a year. After a year you get the option to extend this.


How can I submit my photos?

You can send your images for free up to 2GB via www.wetransfer.com. If you have more to send, you can easily upload your photos to an online server from which you can later download them again if they have been edited.


How often can I correct?

Once the book has been designed, you will receive a proof in PDF. You can indicate corrections based on this. This correction round is included in the price. If you need multiple correction laps, you can of course do that. There are costs involved.


Can I submit texts?

You can of course submit texts. You can use my Text form for this.

Is your question not listed?

Whatever your question is, I will gladly answer it.

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